R A I L   E n c o u n t e r s : Trip Logs and Topical Photo-essays

Ruby Canyon, Moab, Grand Junction-- and all points between

The Tunnel District, and the San Luis & Rio Grande

South Dakota, Minnesota

BNSF at Gallup

Coal trains and the Local- April 2010

Colorado in Winter 

Southern Pacific in Tucson
... a Look Back

SP in Colorado
Eight Great Years


UP and BNSF, Abo Canyon interior, and more


Colorado Coal Trains
~ Samples from around the state


BNSF at Needles
... Getting the Job Done in the Desert

~ Rio Grande Related Stuff ~

The beginning of it all...
Riding the RGZ
Denver to Glenwood Springs -- Nov 7-8, 1981
Photo Montage:
Tunnel Motors at Rocky
An unplanned but delightful encounter -- Nov 25, 2000.
 Back in the Day:
1960s Rio Grande
I ransack the family archives...
Fun with Jim and Dan:
Early Railfan Outings
Why were 110 cameras popular, anyway?
Classic Ski Train:
Ski Train 1984  
Special Treat in '84
Last Look:
Cotopaxi on the Arkansas
... Passages on the Royal Gorge Route, August 1996
On the Front Range:
Coal Creek Canyon 1984
... Lots of classic Ski Train action
Rio Grande in Twilight:
Coal Creek Canyon 1986
Amtrak and Mainline Freights
Glenwood Springs in 1995
... Rumbles in the Rockies, June/July 1995
Grand Junction Photo Essay
... taking a look around, August 2-3, 1998
Photo Montage: +
Tunnel Motors on the Joint Line
EMD Workhorses hauling freight-- April 26, 2001.
Branchline Action:
San Luis Valley Rails
Geeps and cabooses rule the roost
Pleasant Journey:
Amtrak to Glenwood Springs
A Photo Essay
Endless Variety:
Old and New on Moffat
Transition in the Rockies

DRGW Geeps at Rocky
Black and Gold at Rocky
Feature Article:
Railfan Trip to the Arkansas Valley
... A last look at the lower Tennessee Pass line -- August 1996
News from 1992:
Wreck at Sheep Creek
~ Wheels on the ground in Utah

Trains at Coal Creek
PSCX Coal Train and a UP Welded Rail Train
Out with the Old...
San Luis Valley Transition
...In with the New
Last of the Grande...
Helper, Utah
Tunnel Motors Still in Action

~ Esoterica ~

More Amtrak Equipment

Passenger Equipment From Here 'n' There...

Amtrak Power
~ Different Looks Over Time



Tribute to a Signature Locomotive Class


Revolution in the Rockies
... Changing of the Guard on the Former Rio Grande

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