Jim, posing at the D&SNG highline July 2006.Hi, I'm Jim Griffin.  I grew up in Boulder, near the Rio Grande's Moffat Route,  spending my formative years there, about 1965 through 1984. Now I'm fully formed, or deformed, or misinformed, or something. I need to be re-formed, that much is certain!  Anyway, my folks used to take us kids for drives and picnics to various locations along the Moffat Route, and so I developed an early love of the Rio Grande. My first grade class went for a ride on the Yampa Valley Mail in the Spring of 1967, from Rocky up to Rollinsville; that dome ride made one heck of an impression on this 6-year-old kid. (I left my sack lunch on the train, but a crewman found it and returned it to me.) So, two characteristics were formed in me early in life: a love of trains, and chronic absentmindedness!

My adult rail obsession was awakened by a ride on the Rio Grande Zephyr to Glenwood Springs, in November of 1981. I began to try to model the train, and also began getting up on Saturdays to go shoot pictures of it-- two things about which I knew absolutely nothing. My new bride & I rode it on our honeymoon (Aug 1982), but before even our first anniversary passed, the train was history. I mourned for years...

My father was kind enough to give me a Minolta X700 film camera as a graduation present from CU (class of '84-- Go Buffs!), and I began taking rail pictures as opportunity permitted.  These became fewer when we moved to northwest New Mexico a couple of months later... 

Alamosa, March 2003
In the '90s, we discovered the newly-refurbished Ski Train, and we began to take frequent trips to Winter Park.

I have published a book, Rio Grande Railroad, dealing with the history of this interesting line.  You'll see lots of self-serving propaganda for it on these pages.

Historically I shot a lot of film, but I moved into the digital age in 2007. It's a lot cheaper... (duh)

In Grand Junction at dawn, August 1998

My interests go far beyond railroading.  I photograph many types of subjects. I write and perform music. I am developing a cartoon series. I am an avid reader of history and historical novels, as well as many other kinds of literature (e.g. everything from Jane Austen to Jeff Shaara to Twilight).  We watch a LOT of movies.  I love dogs and military aircraft and ships and hiking and especially PAINTBALL.  We are active in our church.  I've written another book, unrelated to railroads and am working on locating an agent.  The biggest problem: just not enough hours in the day!

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